Flotation units for painting spray booths water sludge removal

The Hydrofloty flotation system developed by Hydro Italia is used in particular for the sludge removal from painting spray booth water through coagulation processes, with specific coagulants of our formulation, and flotation. HYDROFLOTY flotation units treat the water coming from the spray booths, putting it back clarified into the circulation, avoiding encrustations and obstructions.

Why to use flotation units?

In spray painting booths operating with water in forced circulation, two major problems inevitably arise:
  1. The particles of paint dispersed in water, due to their high adhesive power, tend to cause obstructions and encrustations in the pumps, nozzles and pipes.
  2. The circulating water, destined to become wastewater for the foreign and harmful substances it contains (solvents, pigments, metal oxides, etc.), must necessarily undergo expensive purification treatments.

How does the Hydrofloty flotation unit work?

By means of a particular aeration system, the circulating water is enriched with tiny air bubbles that favour the surfacing (flotation) of the surface sludge, which is removed by the skimming blade of the flotation unit. Before reaching the flotation unit, the water plus paint mixture, already conditioned by a coagulating chemical product, is added with a particular chemical product (polyelectrolyte) which facilitates the separation and the floating of the sludge. The HYDROFLOTY flotation unit continuously treat the water from the painting spray booths, putting it back clean and neutral in circulation. Therefore, the spray booth is always ready for use with a significantly longer service life. HYDRO ITALIA system purifies continuously the water, which is thus put back in circulation clean and neutral, by avoiding encrustments and blockages of the plant. The Spray booth is always ready to be used, with a greater and greater working life.

What are the advantages of the Hydrofloty flotation unit?

  1. The water change in the painting spray booths must be performed only every 12 months at the most.
  2. By working with a continuous sludge extraction, the water volume of the spray booths can be decreased by up to 70%.
  3. The automatically extracted sludge has a very low volume, thanks to easy dehydration.
  4. The concentration of harmful substances present in the emission air drops significantly.
  5. The maintenance costs of the spray booths lead to savings of up to 90%.
  6. All systems are fully automated and easy to manage.

Other applications of the Hydrofloty flotation unit

In addition to the water treatment of painting spray booths, Hydrofloty flotation units are also successfully installed for the clarification of water in various sectors, such as the galvanic industry, the chemical industry, the remediation of contaminated sites, the food industry, etc.
Hydrofloty system - sludge removal from painting water


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