Spray booths water sludge removal

Through the coagulation and flotation processes, HYDRO ITALIA systems purify the water from the suspended substances by placing it clarified in recirculation.

Why to turn to Hydro Italia systems

In the Spray booth working with forced water circulation there are two unavoidable problems:

  1. Because of their high adhesive power, paint particles dispersed in water tend to cause blockages and encrustments of pumps, nozzles and piping.
  2. The circulating water, destined to become waste water, must necessarily pass through expensive purifying treatments because of the extraneous and noxious substances contained (solvents, pigments, metals oxide, etc).

How Hydro Italia system works

It acts on substances in suspension which are removed from the water by a coagulation process through absorption.

HYDRO ITALIA system purifies continuously the water, which is thus put back in circulation clean and neutral, by avoiding encrustments and blockages of the plant. The Spray booth is always ready to be used, with a greater and greater working life.


In order to face the different requirements, some special machines have been designed so as to be joined to specific chemicals. Advantages:

  1. The change of water in the spray booths must be carried out only every 12 months maximum.
  2. By extracting the mud continuously the booth water volume will be reduced up to 70%.
  3. The automatically extracted mud has got a very low volume, thanks to its easy dewatering.
  4. The concentration of noxious substances in air emissions is considerably reduced.
  5. Spray booths maintenance costs will be reduced up to 90%.
  6. All the plants are completely automatic and easy to run.