Biogas – biomass systems

Organic by-products, wastewater, sewage sludge, etc. they have an intrinsic energy potential that can become business or savings opportunities for industrial and agricultural companies. This is why Hydro Italia builds and designs Biogas systems.

Biogas Systems: Waste to Energy Solutions

Biogas, a gas composed mainly of methane and carbon dioxide, is obtained from the fermentation of organic matter.

The treatment of organic residues, by means of anaerobic digestion, allows the production of electrical and thermal energy that can be reused to improve the energy autonomy of the producer himself, whether industrial or agricultural, be destined for civil use, be sold to the national electricity grid or produce biomethane to be introduced into the gas distribution network or for transport, all against incentive contributions guaranteed by the incentive system currently in force.

Alongside the economic convenience of this process, the environmental and managerial advantages that the company can obtain from the enhancement of its waste products must also be considered.

The advantages of biogas systems

  1. They produce energy from agro-industrial waste and by-products, with consequent positive impacts on the environment, contributing to the creation of a circular economy model, producing sustainable energy.
  2. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions: methane is one of the main greenhouse gases. Furthermore, the combustion of biogas, unlike fossil fuels, does not generate additional CO2 with respect to that fixed by plants and animals.
  3. Biogas systems produce renewable electricity on a continuous basis. In addition, it also produces heat, which can be used for district heating systems.
  4. The biogas, after specific CO2 and impurity removal treatment called upgrading, can be converted into biomethane, becoming an advanced biofuel for the transport sector.
  5. The digestate, that is the product that remains after the anaerobic digestion process of the agricultural matrices, is an excellent natural fertilizer that can be used as an alternative to those of mineral origin.
Biogas systems - Biogas systems


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