Biogas – biomass systems

Organic by-products, waste water, sewage sludge, etc. they have intrinsic energy potential that can become business or savings opportunities for industrial and agricultural companies.

Waste to energy solutions

From the fermentation of organic matter, biogas is obtained, a gas composed mainly of methane and carbon dioxide.

The treatment of organic waste by anaerobic digestion enables the production of electrical and thermal energy that can be reused to improve the energy autonomy of the manufacturer, whether industrial or agricultural, that is destined for civil use, to be sold to the national electricity grid or produce biomethane to be introduced into the gas or automotive distribution network, all in the face of incentive contributions guaranteed by the incentive system currently in force.

Alongside the economic convenience of this process, the environmental and management benefits that the enterprise can obtain from the exploitation of its waste products should also be considered.

Impianti Biogas