Multi-disc screw press

The multi-disc screw press guarantees the achievement of the highest wastewater dehydration standards, for an optimization of zero discharge and a return to water production.

Wastewater Dehydration System

The multi-disc screw press allows continuous flocculation of the sludge, thickening, dehydration, and discharge of the filtrate. The thickening zone allows the system to treat both high concentration sludge and sludge with a high-water content.

Detail of the wastewater dehydration process with the multi-disc screw press

The sludge produced by the flotation section is treated in a specific dehydration system, consisting of a multi-disc screw press. To further favour and improve the dehydration phase, the sludge to be treated is re-delivered, by a single screw electric pump, inside a flocculation reactor in which the polyelectrolyte dosing takes place, for which there is a dedicated preparation and dosing station.

The sludge thus conditioned with polyelectrolyte comes out of the flocculation tank and flows into the filter chamber, from where it is pushed forward towards the discharge end through a screw whose rotation is determined by a gearmotor and relative drive shaft.

The gap between the screw discs is progressively reduced, thus increasing the pressure in the sludge, producing the separation of the contained water which will be collected and discharged into the initial accumulation tank, at the head of the purification system.

The presence of mobile rings, whose movement is linked to the rotation of the screw, and of external fixed rings, from which the separated drainage water comes out, and the relative movement, allows the cleaning of the space between the two types of rings, preventing the machine block.

The dehydrated sludge is then pushed forward from the shaft and finally discharged at the end. Once the unloading area has been reached, the sludge is conveyed and discharged into a transport system for transfer to a transportable collection container.

Hydro Italia’s multi-disc screw press, controlled by the control panel, allows continuous automatic operation of flocculation, thickening, dehydration and discharge of the filtrate and interfaces perfectly with our exclusive painting spray booth treatment systems.

The combination of systems designed, produced, and installed by Hydro Italia allows for global savings: maintenance, energy costs, waste disposal.

Multi-disc screw press advantages

  • Energy saving
  • It is an anti-clogging and self-cleaning system
  • Low operating costs induced by low-speed motors and low energy consumption resulting in reduced noise and vibration
  • 24/7 automatic operation
  • All in built-in pre-thickening design, small footprint, simple installation.
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