The General Management, in underlining the importance of management aimed at continuous improvement, in compliance with the guidelines set by the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, defines the objectives it intends to pursue and the commitments to be undertaken through the introduction of a Quality System.

Hydro Italia believes, in fact, that it is extremely important to have created a Quality Management System within its own organization. Keeping this System up-to-date and efficient, we want to support a constant research and commitment aimed at improving the company processes that allows us to guarantee:
– Customer satisfaction
– The assurance of a constant quality level of the products and services provided
– The effectiveness of the interventions

Priority objectives for the maintenance and continuous improvement of its products and services are:
1. better communication with the customer, which allows to identify the explicit and implicit needs and to adopt consequent and effective actions aimed at satisfying them
2. compliance with contractual requirements
3. constant determination in the search for and elimination of non-conformities
4. identification of performance indicators and assignment of real and measurable objectives for fundamental corporate processes. These indicators and objectives are collected in an established improvement plan
5. constant effort in preventing problems and shortcomings
6. pursuing a constant and assiduous collaboration with the Suppliers of materials and services in order to activate relationships based on a continuous and joint growth of the overall quality offered to the market
7. absolute compliance with the laws and regulations in force concerning safety, industrial health and accident prevention.

We intend to pursue the objectives indicated above through the use of:
• specific equipment with proven validity and its own experimentation
• products tested and of guaranteed quality
• methodologies of control and recording of interventions that allow the measurability of the results and the statistical comparison between the same.
For all this the General Management undertakes to take an active role in promoting and guiding all activities having an influence on quality through:
– the establishment, formalization and implementation of a Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard
– the continuous updating of our own operational tools Ø the promotion and implementation of personnel training programs at all levels in order to optimize the process of human resources growth
– the scientific update that allows the evaluation and experimentation of the new proposals made in our areas of intervention. In implementing this Policy, the General Management undertakes to set aside the necessary resources both in economic and of personnel terms. The General Management, however, points out that the achievement of the objectives set out above is a responsibility of all personnel of Hydro Italia and therefore involves every company function within the assigned tasks. Therefore, the General Management is committed to ensuring that this Policy is understood, accepted and supported at all organizational levels through adequate and constant training for all personnel performing functions that influence quality. The records of these awareness/training activities, generally carried out through meetings, are maintained by the Quality System Manager. In order for the Quality Policy to be implemented at its best, the General Management undertakes to support it with all the technical, IT and logistic tools deemed necessary.

The Quality Management System of Hydro Italia Srl complies with the requirements of the standard for quality management systems.

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