For the clarification
of industrial wastewater



Polielettrolita HYDROFLOC T43 is effective in clarifying industrial waste water, surface water and in the conditioning of both organicand inorganic sludge. It is used in sludge separation processes (filterpresses, belt filter press, and centrifuges) in thickening, sedimentation andflotation processes. The use of this polyelectrolyte ensures anincrease in sludge sedimentation speed, improves clarification and increases the dehydrated dry content.
MAGNAFLOC 2025 is applied as an agent for the sedimentation and conditioning of inorganic and organic sludge. In particular, it is effective in the treatment of drinking water and waste water coming fromindustry (sugar, chemical, tanning, food, livestock, paper, textile, mechanical industry) and in the thickening and dewatering of civil and industrial sludge.
FLOCCULANTE ANIONICO HYDROFLOC T2016 is a highly efficient anionic flocculant of varying molecular weight and charge that works effectively as a coagulant aid or sludge conditioning agent in liquid-solid separations under a wide range of conditions. Benefits: economical to use – significantly lower dosage levels; fast settling times; achieving great efficiency in the removal of solids; easily soluble in water dissolves quickly; in liquid form for easier handling.

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