Batch treatments

Batch systems are physical-chemical systems carrying out the treatment in a discontinuous way, that is with single and following operations, in a unique reactor with fixed volume, according to a proper succession: filling – treatment – discharge.

Batch treatment systems

For each charge, a volume of wastewater corresponding to the capacity of the reactor is transferred to the reactor, taking it from one or more storage tanks. The treatment is then carried out in the same reactor, which is predefined according to the nature of the wastewater to be treated. Hydro Italia has special formulated flocculating products for the treatment of various types of wastewater from painting, screen printing, tanneries, dyeing, mechanical workshops, glass processing, cement processing, wood processing, etc.

“Batch” working is preferred to “constant” treatment or to the disposal, when:

  1. The daily volumes to be treated are very small.
  2. The nature of the effluents and the targets of the purification require the employ of a specific process on particular fractions of wastewater (e. g. treatment of cadmium, nitrites,…).
  3. The wastewater to be treated is subject to considerable quantity and quality variations. 

The advantages of batch systems

Batch treatment systems have several advantages:

  • They are easy to manage
  • The water returns into circulation and can be reused
  • There is a low consumption of flocculants
Batch treatment systems - Hydro Italia

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