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Long story….. we were born in the early nineties from a synergy between an Italian chemical company and a German chemical company with the main purpose of treating industrial water from painting spray booths. This culture of “recirculation and reuse” and “limiting water consumption by reducing pollutants” with technologically advanced systems, was not much appreciated by sector operators who were not involved with the issue of environmental protection. After a period of activity, the employees, who firmly believed in this philosophy, took the reins of the company to place it at the top in the water treatment and recirculation sector in general.

“We have concentrated our efforts on obtaining industrial water treatment systems and methods, favouring more economical, effective and environmentally friendly solutions. Our environmental experts and purification process professionals put their expertise at the disposal of companies which, sensitive to the problem of environmental pollution, also give due importance to both the efficiency of production systems and the reduction of disposal costs. We also provide a wide range of chemicals in compliance with current legislation and suggested from time to time by our technicians after a careful analysis of the water to be treated. We are thus able to give written guarantees on the results obtained after commissioning the system”.


“Focus on the environment, we have already done it!”



“Water treatment of paint booths”: in the 2000s we entered the automotive world, where with our innovative applications we have been, and still are, particularly active in solving the problems related to the treatment of wastewater in this sector.



In full respect of nature, sensitive to the theme of “water” and “environment”, we create systems and methods for the purification of industrial water and continuous market research for technological innovations. Preliminarily to the supply of “turnkey” systems, we offer customized solutions and a complete service.



With the help of experts with many years of experience in the sector, we offer customized solutions and a complete service that includes the design of the system according to the specific needs of each user, the manufacture of the systems, installation and technical assistance as well as of course the range of the specially formulated chemicals needed in the operational process.

Our Steps


The water treatment branch is developed from the synergy of chemical companies.


Hydrochem Italia is born in Quarto Inferiore (BO), which is subsequently transformed into Hydro Italia.


Hydro Tur İth. İhr. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti is born in Turkey.


Hydro Italia Colsen, in the renewable energy sector, is born in Medicina (BO)


Hydro Polska is born in Poland.


Suzhou Hydro Environmental Protection Equipment CO., LTD is born in China.


A significant milestone for Hydro Italia which, with commitment, passion and professionalism, is always at the service of companies

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