Water Filtration – Adsorption

Filtration achieves a physical separation of solid particles contained in the water. The water filtration systems made available by Hydro Italia meet all needs, both for drinking and process water, as well as for finishing of civil and industrial wastewater. Quartz, carbon, mechanical, mixed filtering systems are available and, in any case, made according to the different applications required.

Water Filtration by Adsorption

The most suitable uses of adsorption on activated carbon are the following:

  1. Elimination of bad smell
  2. Elimination of bad taste
  3. Elimination of many organic substances dissolved in water (colouring agents, solvents, detergents, mineral and vegetable oils, etc.)

Water filtration and adsorption: sectors of application

Water filtration and adsorption systems are used in various sectors:

  1. Primary water treatment and potabilization
  2. Treatment of some types of discharges (car washes, washing water)
  3. Finishing or safety treatments of wastewater after physical-chemical or biological treatments

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