Oil separators

Oils and grease are present in several domestic drains and are typically present in much water coming from industrial wastewater.

Oil separators: separation of the oily phase

The abatement of oils and greases from the water is necessary, even if with different objectives: to separate the oily phase from the aqueous one with suitable oil separators before being introduced into any natural water body or before proceeding with the purification treatment of wastewater if these contain oils and hydrocarbons.

Oils and greases are present in many wastewaters deriving from industrial processes and especially in those relating to users such as factories, car workshops, car washes, etc.

Their abatement is necessary before entering any natural receiving water body or sewer. The opportunity of a preventive abatement before proceeding with the purification treatment of the wastewater is evident when one considers that oils and greases can cause serious inconveniences in all phases of subsequent purification treatment.

In addition, accumulation and clogging problems may occur on the supply sewers to the treatment system and on the lifting systems; heavy problems can occur in the aerobic biological treatment phases, where treatment difficulties could arise. The same is true in the anaerobic digestion phase of the sludge, as the oils and greases, especially if non-biodegradable, remain accumulated in the digesters, inhibiting biological reactions; even in the mechanical dehydration of the sludge, oils and greases tend to clog the webs of the dehydration machines.

Types of oil separators

In practical applications, two types of oil separators are mainly distinguished:

  1. static gravity oil separators at atmospheric pressure; without the aid of moving machinery or the need for dosing chemicals
  2. Oil separators by coalescence

Our systems guarantee the separation of non-emulsified oil and the complete removal of the separated oil present in the immediate vicinity of the floating suction system.

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