Accessories and consumables for water treatment systems


For effective filtering
of industrial sludge and wastewater


Our accessories and consumables

Big Bag in raffia-like fabric to contain the paint sludge. The sludge produced by our systems falls directly into the maco container covered by the draining big bag. Here the separation of the liquid from the sludge continues slowly. With this final system there will be the recovery of the filtration water, putting it back into circulation, and a drier and lighter sludge to be disposed of
Roll of “non-woven fabric” for waste filtration. Waste filter fabric with various weights suitable for the various dimensions of our HYDROFILTER systems. The sludge containing water is discharged onto the filter belt for the filtration of the sludge: the water returns by gravity, or with the aid of a redelivery station, to the spray booth while the sludge produced falls directly into our container.

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