In 2004 TOYOTA, ADAPAZARI (Turkye) site, contacted HYDRO ITALIA, a well-known Italian company operating in the automotive industry. HYDRO ITALIA is particularly appreciated for its innovations in the field of waste waters coming from spray booth. Thanks to a whole range of special systems allowing to constantly segregate denatured paint from water, HYDRO ITALIA is capable of ensuring full recovery of water coming from spray  booths, thus obtaining the continuous flowing of the water wall. 

The following aims should be achieved:

- suppress the need to change water in the pit
- obtain sludge with dry residue ranging from 50% to 70%
- limit the concentration of solvents and noxious substances to be found in air emissions, thanks to a more efficient water wall
- reduce the spray booth maintenance costs up to 90%, avoiding the formation of scales and waste sludge.

This can be obtained by means of a turnkey, simple and automatically controlled plant, ensuring very low maintenance costs. 

After studying any possible solution and performing several tests with different paint samples, an exhaustive solution was proposed and the first plant was installed for the BUMPER  line 1.