the reverse osmosis treatment of high salinity water, such as sea water, allows the production of drinking water or water that can be uses for industrial purposes



With high-pressure operation, the system can remove some ions, partially demineralizing the water.
Using energy recovery units, highly economical projects are being developed.Apart from standard implementations,

Hydro Italia reverse osmosis units are particularly targeted at customer needs, from design to production, installation and start up: a “turnkey” supply.

All equipment used is made up of corrosion-resistant materials that are resistant to sea water.
 The use of high quality equipment allows to get the highest system performance for long periods of time.

Standard features:

  1. frame AISI 304
  2. Input cartridge filter
  3. Permeate control conductivity meter
  4. Permeate flowmeter
  5. Low and high pressure gauges
  6. Pressure switches
  7. High Pressure AISI 316 Lines 
  8. Low pressure PVC lines
  9. Electronic control panel
  10. FRP membrane sheath resistant to 1,000 psi (70 bars)

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