HYDRO ITALIA has been concentrating its efforts on the achievement of systems and methods for industrial water purification, by favouring cheaper solutions, effective and attentive to the environmental preservation. Our environmental specialists and purification process professional men put their competence at disposal of those companies that, sensitive to the problem of the environmental pollution, give also the due importance both to production systems efficiency and to the disposal expenses reduction. Our plants are mainly built in stainless steel and have passed all the necessary tests for the CE certification.

Moreover HYDRO ITALIA places at disposal a huge range of chemicals strictly free from risk symbols in accordance with regulations in force and suggested each time by our technicians after a close analysis of the water to be treated. We are therefore able to give written guarantees on results obtained after the starting of the system.

HYDRO ITALIA proposes customized solutions and a complete service including the system planning according to specific needs of each user, the systems manufacturing, installation and technical assistance besides of course a range of chemicals with a special formulation necessary in the operating process.